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Valeo Service & Trucks in the Aftermarket

Valeo Service & Trucks in the Aftermarket
Valeo Service & Trucks in the Aftermarket

This is the key for truck specialists and fleet managers that makes this market so specific. Unlike passenger cars, parked up to 60 % of the time, trucks need to maintain their uptime, meaning being on the road and fully operational, maximizing productivity and consequently reducing costs, even more when part of a fleet.


Ultimately, downtime, even if sometimes necessary for maintenance, repair or crash reasons for example, needs to be reduced to the shortest period of time possible.    

Those two levers have a direct impact on the total cost of ownership performance (TCO). Few key criteria are critical to manage when dealing with costs : 

  • Fuel consumption 
  • Ensuring the quality and durability of the parts used and their compliance with new regulations
  • Maintenance or repair time


Better fuel consumption with Euro 6 compliant innovation

In order to anticipate the application of the Euro 6 standards, Valeo developed two major innovations leveraging its strong OE expertise:

Valeo F830 clutch facing. Outstanding friction material. 

The superior quality of Valeo friction material transfers higher torque and avoids unnecessary gear shiftings. Valeo facings can transmit high engine torques up to 3500 Nm without judder. F830 facing, the Valeo friction material approved by O.E. manufacturers, is the best-in-class solution to solve judder problems on Euro 6 robotized gearboxes. The result of this renown and unparalleled quality: among the 65 million friction materials produced each year 71% (only) is used for Valeo products.

Clutch Cover Assembly with Valeo Self Adjusting Technology (S.A.T.). Outperformance through time.

Valeo developed this innovation for robotized gearboxes. SAT role is to compensate the friction material wear between the cover assembly and the driven plate and also to limit the release bearing effort. Its benefits is to optimize clutch functioning during its complete lifetime.


Quicker maintenance and repair time with Valeo

Valeo is struggling to find all possible solutions to help reduce downtime to support fleet managers and mechanics in their day to day independent aftermarket business.

The new Valeo Service fitting videos for trucks are conceived from this very idea subtly mixing clever shooting techniques and pedagogy.

In a few minutes, Valeo Service best in class walkthrough videos guide step by step the users to make sure these time consuming tasks are perfectly achieved right from the start. Valeo developed 2 fitting guides for clutches and brake pads. 


How to fit a Truck Clutch Pull Type with Valeo?



How to fit Valeo brake pads on a truck?


Another facilitating solution is the Valeo OptiPACKTM brake pads offer the Best value for money. 

Valeo OptiPACKTM stands for the “all in one” brake pads offer that features a comprehensive set of accessories, all in the same box. From the wear indicators to the pad retainers (depending on version), Valeo OptiPACKTM guarantees full efficiency while servicing and considerable time saving. 

In addition, the pad friction material used has been specially thought for delivering the perfect quality and price balance to deliver the best possible durability and performance to optimize the TCO. 

The range was elected “best value for money” from european customers in 2018.


Last but not least Valeo displays a comprehensive set of services delivering the most suitable support.

  • Improved visibility and readability on Tecdoc®
  • Tech’Care, the Valeo Technical support program featuring amongst other services,  Valeo Tech @ssist, the web platform giving free access to all Valeo technical information in just two clicks
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