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Dual Mass Flywheel (D.M.F)

Dual Mass flywheel (D.M.F)

The Technology perfectly filters out engine torsion vibration and improves shifting comfort in addition to noise reduction
Dual mass flywheel for the best vehicle efficiency and driver comfort. Every second car which rolls off the assembly line is fitted with a DMF - this equipment rate is continuously increasing. The dual mass flywheel helps filter out dynamic vibrations between the engine and the gearbox. Thanks to two independent flywheels connected via a bearing or bushing, including a damper system, DMF proofs the sensitive gearbox and rest of vehicles against the engine explosions vibrations, thus improving driving comfort.
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Asbestos and Non-asbestos brake pads

Brake pads are one major spare part in the braking system for automotive business.
Brake pads contacts and applies pressure and friction to a vehicle's brake rotors. The pressure and friction applied to the brake rotor is what slows and stops the wheel.
In the past, brake pads have an important ingredient which is " Asbestos" because it is cheap. When the brake soot comes out with white powder, it does not feel dirty at the wheel and absorbs the noise.

It looks like asbestos has a good ingredient to produce brake pads but indeed it’s dangerous for your health. Risks from using Asbestos brake pads, after stepping on the pedal to stop the car, the soot from brake pads will cling to follow the wheel, rock fibers may fly into the car.

The drivers or passengers will inevitably receive asbestos, which accumulates asbestos as the source of Asbestosis
International brake pad manufacturers in the world have abolished asbestos production in accordance with legal regulations. Environment and the standard of the automobile industry.

Today, many automotive manufacturers around the world Including Valeo denied using asbestos to produce brake pads .
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