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AquaBlade® Post-Equipment

AquaBlade® Post-Equipment

As a wiper specialist, Valeo brings to the aftermarket its latest OE technology, Valeo AquaBlade® post-equipment version : innovative technology enabling to distribute washing fluid directly across the windshield. The AquaBlade® post-equipment is compatible with standard washing systems already existing on cars allowing the upgrade of any existing wiping system (conventional blades, hybrid blades or flat blades). The installation is easy, fast (30 min max.) and non intrusive (doesn't require drilling) and is totally reversible.

Main benefits of the AquaBlade® are :


  • No visual disturbance for the driver when cleaning the windshield, at any speed. Since there are no nozzles, the driver’s visibility is no longer obstructed by jets of cleaning fluid sprayed across a large surface of the windshield.
  • AquaBlade® significantly improves visibility, thus increasing driving safety.
  • 4 meters braking distance saved when travelling at 50km/h*.


  • Washer fluid is distributed all along the blade and cleaning quality is preserved at all vehicle speeds.
  • The whole wiping surface on the windshield is perfectly cleaned

*Source: Fraunhofer Institute IOSB study on +5500 tests in real driving condition performed. Measured on cars with Aquablade® installed as an original equipment.

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