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Lighting Systems

Lighting Systems

Lights and safety

Research shows that more than 40% of fatal accidents occur during the night hours, but only 20% of all kilometres are driven at night. Therefore, quality car lights - including headlamps, tail lights and other elements of a car lighting system - play a crucial role in road safety.


Lamps and bulbs you can trust

With 24 research & development centres and 31 production sites, Valeo is number one  O.E. supplier in the world of car lighting system technology. Valeo is proud to offer a complete portfolio of innovative products and services, with extended technical assistance.
Valeo is in alliance with Japanese lighting specialist Ichikoh. Valeo designs interior and exterior lighting solutions tailored to meet all automaker model requirements in Europe, Asia, North and South America.


Environmentally driven

Valeo’s never-ending search for more safety and more comfort is what drives our constant technological innovation. But did you know that Valeo is equally committed to protecting the environment? As a result of this commitment, Valeo has developed LED-based, low-power consumption lighting products which help decrease consumption and global CO2 emissions.


Valeo, your lighting specialist

With Valeo you have a huge range of headlamps, rear lamps, fog lamps, and other auxiliary lamps and bulbs, at your disposal. Valeo, your specialist for all lighting technologies.


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