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Fog Lamps

Valeo Fog Lamps Lighting Systems for Passenger car

Fog lamps for additional safety

Fog Lamps  contribute to improve drivers security by providing additional functions combining technology and style.

  • Halogen Fog lamps
    Fog lamps are most of the time integrated in vehicles’ bumpers. They produce a wide beam that has a short range around 25 meters to avoid any dazzling risk due to diffraction phenomenon caused by drops in suspension.
  • L.E.D. Fog lamps
    Being more powerful and less energy-consuming than halogen bulbs, L.E.D. chips can be used in fog lamps to help reducing CO2 emissions while offering a brighter light. Thanks to its compactness, this technology is also useful for design innovation.


The star of fog lamps - Valeo Fogstar ™ - choose O.E. quality

Valeo Fogstar ™ it’s a Valeo universal foglamp concept adopted by 20 major car manufacturers (Toyota,Nissan, Mistsubishi, Land Rover…) Exclusive Fogstar ™ is protected by 7 Valeo patents.

As an O.E. supplier, Valeo has paid great attention to details providing innovative solutions like patented ventilation systems to limit condensation, especially under serious weather conditions, high resistance lenses and design flexibility.Valeo has also developed combined solutions by including an additional reflecting surface around the fog lamp bezel that provides a cornering system or Fixed Bending Light (FBL) system: fog lamps are turned on while the driver turns the steering wheel in curves.



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Valeo partApplication forSideYearOES cross
45803Nissa BLUEBIRD SYLPHY, TEANA , LIVINA CNLeft200126150-89925
45802Nissa BLUEBIRD SYLPHY, TEANA , LIVINA CNRight200126150-89925
88358SUZUKI SX4Left/Right200935500-63J02
44551Nissan Navara incl. bracketsLeft200526155EA500
44552Nissan Navara incl. bracketsRight200526150EA500
44674Toyota Camry, Corolla (2010-), Yaris, RAV4 CNLeft2008812200D041
44675Toyota Camry, Corolla (2010-), Yaris, RAV4 CNRight2008812100D041
45738Honda CR-VLeft/Right201233900-STK-A11