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Rear lamps

Valeo Rear lamps Lighting Systems for Passenger car

Main rear lamps role - to be seen

Signalling products have two main functions: to communicate with other drivers (to be seen), and to contribute to the design. Rear lights provide greater safety in road traffic.


Lights on safety with Valeo O.E. signalling products

Besides this constant innovation for design and safety, Valeo has also developed less power consuming products in order to help decrease CO2 emissions. The special focus here is the use of L.E.D.s for signaling functions:

  • Safety - L.E.D.s fast response time is reducing the braking distance of the following driver by 5m at 90km/ h or 60mph speed.
  • CO2 reduction - L.E.D. rear lighting helps to save 0.5g CO2/km compared to Tungsten bulbs
  • Compat and creative design - L.E.D. gives to car makers opportunities to achieve distinctive styling for each car model and to exploit the numerous lighting combinations that L.E.D. technology offers.


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Valeo part Application for Side Year OES cross Traffic Technology
44642 BMW 1 Series F20 left 2011 7241543 RHD LED
44643 BMW 1 Series F20 right 2011 7241544 RHD LED
44525 AUDI A6 LED Wing left 2011 4G5 945 095 A LHD/RHD LED
44526 AUDI A6 LED Wing right 2011 4G5 945 096 A LHD/RHD LED
43843 AUDI A6 LED Wing left 2008 4F5 945 096 J LHD/RHD LED
43842 AUDI A6 LED Wing right 2008 4F5 945 095 J LHD/RHD LED
44425 MINI R50 left 2001 63216935783 LHD/RHD Halogen
44426 MINI R50 right 2001 63216935784 LHD/RHD Halogen
44608 VW Touareg Boot left 2011 7P6 945 307 LHD/RHD LED
44609 VW Touareg Boot right 2011 7P6 945 308 LHD/RHD LED
44606 VW Touareg Boot left 2011 7P6 945 207 LHD/RHD LED
44607 VW Touareg Boot right 2011 7P6 945 208 LHD/RHD LED