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Valeo Headlight Beam Setters Lighting Systems for Passenger car

REGLO2: choose the aftermarket lighting specialist tool !

The Regloscope™ uses the latest technologies to support mechanics’ tasks and make the beam aiming control and correction as easy and quick as possible. The Régloscope™ – either mounted on wheels or on rails – can be aligned with the vehicle plan thanks to a positioning laser to ensure that they are both parallel.


Did you know ?

Need for a comprehensive service & tooling offering to replace and calibrate advanced technological products(digital Glare-Free High Beam function, linked to a camera) ? 

Lighting market trends

  • By 2020, Xenon will be replaced by LED technology
  • LED technology => +35% of front lighting systems worldwide, 50% of rear lighting
  • 60% of our 2018 time-to-market was based on LED technology

Solution - use the right tooling: Valeo REGLO2

Easy and friendly to use

  • Light and easy for the operations
  • Diagnosis in under 1 minute


Wifi connectivity (optional)

  • Diagnostics for all lighting technologies
  • Suitable for use with Halogen and most current Xenon and LED technologies


Two different modes for full services

  1.  Adjustment mode helps correcting the beam aiming by displaying the different measures of the beam in real time on the LCD screen (beam’s inclination, light intensity, dazzling). The mechanics can thus correct the headlamps settings directly while taking the measures
  2. Control mode gives the opportunity to conduct the full beam diagnosis beam’s inclination, light intensity, dazzling) through different steps and deliver a control ticket thanks to the mini printer integrated into the Regloscope™’s case.

This printed control ticket meant to be handle to the car owner is the proof the control has been correctly made and a clear indication that the vehicle would pass or fail the car service control.

The Regloscope™ settings allows to personalise the ticket header with the Workshop's address for instance and type in the car licence number that would be displayed on the top of the ticket as well.

The Regloscope™ is the perfect tool for workshops and car service providers: easy to position, simple and fast to use for a complete accurate diagnosis of headlamps.

Product features

  • Dual mode: inspection (roadworthiness, PTI), adjustment
  • Headlamp adjustment, beam setters: low beam, high beam and for lamps
  • Data transmission
  • Accurate sensor
  • Multi-language mode
  • Customised features
  • Linux OS
  • Aluminium mast (150 cm), rotation mast
  • Field calibration, easy, automatic adjustment feature
  • Laser alignment module
  • Touchscreen LCD display
  • Compatible with both left- and right-hand drives
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Made in France