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Valeo Parking Assistance Sensors

Parking Assistance Sensors

Valeo Parking Assistance Sensors: O.E. ultrasonic technology available for the Independent Aftermarket (IAM)

Valeo is a global leader in parking assistance systems, producing in Europe, Asia, America and Africa for most car manufacturers.

Since 1990s Valeo has been an O.E (Original Equipment) and O.E.S. (Original Equipment Supplier) partner of all major car manufacturers, with more than 500 million parking sensors produced for O.E. by Valeo.

More and more vehicles are being equipped with Valeo parking assistance system. Top column modules
Valeo produced more than 92 million sensors in 2016, averaging 7.5 sensors per vehicle.


Choose Valeo with it’s strong range of O.E. Quality products

  • Certified ISO TC 204; complies with MALSO standards
  • Designed to face the harshest environmental conditions (-40°C to 95°C)
  • Features high quality obstacle detection, controlled by powerful, state-of-the-art software
  • Comes with original decoupling rings to avoid vibrations and water intrusion
  • 10 million+ vehicles equipped every year!



Valeo Ultrasonic Parking Sensors

Why choose Valeo Ultrasonic Parking Sensors?

Valeo’s O.E. expertise makes us a worldwide leader in parking assistance systems

  • streamlined range of expertly designed, standardized products for maximum model coverage
  • Easy identification: all product information is listed in digital and print catalogues (O.E.S. part numbers, car brand and model details, mounting position)
  • Easy fitting: plug and play products, no diagnosis tool initialization needed
  • Easy integration: paintable sensors and decoupling rings come in 3 different colours, to match with any bumper


Discover our selected Valeo parking sensors and many more in our catalogs…


Valeo partApplication forYearOES cross
890000AUDI A4, A5, A620112H0919275
890001AUDI A52009284420027R
890001NISSAN MICRA200528438-BG00A
890003VOLVO V70201031341632
890003VOLVO S80201031341632
890003VOLVO XC60200931341632
890005AUDI Q720063C0919275L
890005VOLVO C30201130786968
890014BMW 5 SERIES E61 TOURING200966 20 9 231 281
890014BMW 5 SERIES GRAND TURISMO F07201466209231281
890015RENAULT Mégane2009284425707R
890016RENAULT Kangoo201228442-0753R
890019VOLVO XC90201431471005
890019VOLVO S90, V90201631471005

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