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Clutch kits and components

Valeo Clutch kits Transmission Systems for Passenger car

A clutch is the interface between the engine and the gearbox, enabling the interruption of torque transfer for gear change. When the clutch is engaged, the full engine torque is transmitted to the gearbox input shaft. 


Valeo clutches, expertise & innovation dedicated to customer satisfaction

  • leading O.E. suppliers of transmission systems: 1 in 3 vehicles are equipped with Valeo clutches
  • almost 100 years of experience in engineering and producing friction material (clutch expert since 1923).
  • robust design, easy fitting
  • superior facing performance compared to facings with lead (20% less dense for a better gear switch)
  • environmentally-friendly material
  • constant pedal effort
  • O.E. plants in France, Korea, Spain, Italy and Turkey manufacturing all clutch components
  • O.E. expertise benefiting developments of Aftermarket program

Our range includes a huge selection of passenger car and light commercial vehicle clutches and components - covers, discs, release bearing -  to suit applications from all around the world. Valeo is committed to supplying you with products of the highest possible level of quality while integrating innovative technologies.


Did you know ?

How can I identify S.A.T. or H.E.C.clutches in the Valeo catalogue or in Tecdoc?

Valeo S.AT. and H.E.C. clutches are identified at the product title (Clutch Kit SAT / Clutch Kit HEC) on Tec-doc and with notes linked to the Valeo reference (S.A.T., H.E.C.) in the printed catalogue.

Valeo Service proposes a wide range for European vehicles and expanding offer for Korean and Japanese car applications. Discover our Valeo clutch kit and components and many more in our catalogs…


Self Adjusting Technology (S.A.T.)

The O.E. solution which uses self-adjusting wear compensation on the pressure plate to maintain a constant pedal effort throughout the clutch’s lifetime

  • Compact and robust design
  • High torque capacity
  • Comfortable:
    Constant diaphragm position and pedal load.
  • Reliable:
    Contains mechanism against over-adjustment.
    l Increased durability:Compact design as the S.A.T. device is integrated in the clutch cover. Axial compactness due to increased release travel.
  • Efficient:
    Friction wear is detected by position (and not by balance of load); wear detection is thus independent from the diaphragm curve.
  • Easy to fit:
    Valeo S.A.T. does not require special tools for installation. It is a standard clutch that can be installed using standard garage equipment.
  • Enhanced clutch life
    Widely used in passenger vehicles and is also available for light and heavy duty commercial vehicles.
High Efficiency Clutch (H.E.C.)

The aftermarket solution designed by Valeo R&D center aiming very low-wear friction face technology offering the same lifetime performance as an S.A.T. clutch.

  • Easy to fit:
    Valeo H.E.C. is installed just like a standard clutch and does not require any additional tooling or training.
  • Reduced fitting time:
    The H.E.C. is fitted just like conventional clutches. No additional operations and checks are required.
  • Comfortable:
    Constant and optimum pedal effort during the entire clutch life thanks to Valeo high-quality friction material with very low wear.
  • Reliable:
    Simple and robust design, no complex and sensitive components.
  • Improved clutch life:
    Valeo high-quality and very low-wear friction technology increases clutch life under normal driving conditions.

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