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Wiper systems

OES | Wiper systems

Valeo Wiper Systems, worldwide leader as original equipment manufacturer, brings to the OES customers a complete range of wiper blades and associated systems (motors, linkages, etc.) for their original equipment spares parts.

Valeo Wiper Systems maintains its lead through efficiency, innovative technologies and style originating from OE technology and adapted to OES specificities (e.g. the Aquablade) or specifically designed for aftermarket (e.g. the multi-connection systems).

Valeo Wiper Systems has a comprehensive product portfolio : front and rear wiper blades, various types of rubber, front and rear multiconnection systems, linkage mechanisms,etc. We also develop products for accessories ranges of our customers in order to facilitate retrofit and installation of our wipers kits.

All the products are designed to be attractive, efficient, easy to adapt to all vehicle types according to the requirements of each customer and market. We closely collaborates with car makers on future wiping technologies to always improve our product quality (aerodynamic, noiseless, durability, etc.) matching flawlessly with the vehicle’s styling.

VALEO, THE N°1 Wiper systems original equipment manufacturer*, offers the aftermarket a full range of premium wiper blades to address different needs. (*Passenger Car O.E. Worldwide Market Share 2017 in value, excluding trucks)