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Enjoy working with the Valeo 24/7 aftermaket technical assistance centre at valeo-techassist.com.

A Genuine information database

Trust the technical specialist!

Documentation, training and learning, workshop tools, assistance, benefit from a genuine information database for automotive professionals.

Valeo TechAssist is a web based application, specifically developed for repair workshops, automotive spare parts distributors and technical trainers. It is not only a technical database, but also a learning platform and a forum of information. It covers passenger cars and all Valeo product lines. It is available at any time, and 10 languages are implemented today.


The technical assistance centre

The technical assistance center


Valeo Service - Techassist

In Valeo Techassist, the information is categorized with three attributes:

  • Type of information: documentation, workshop tools, training, assistance.
  • Vehicle: car make, model, generation, engine type.

Product: Valeo Service product line, sub-category, product family

Four main sections for your needs

Valeo Service - Sections
  • Documentation: Product specific documents – Valeo’s product technical description, fitting instructions and fitting videos, but also technical bulletins, for solving specific repair problems.
  • Training and e-learning: Valeo Service offers online training on Clutches, Air Conditioning, Starters and Alternators, as well as troubleshooting modules for all product lines
  • Workshop Tools: The latest information on Valeo professional workshop tools is online, including the new ClimFill station range
  • Assistance: Frequently asked questions all information on how to contact the Valeo professionals

How to connect?

Valeo Service - Connection

The professional user is requested to identify himself and an access code may be required. This code can be obtained via the Valeo Service sales representatives.

In order to identify online, users need to connect to www.valeo-techassist.com and click on “Create Account” on the Homepage.

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