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Rear lamps

Valeo Rear lamps Lighting Systems for Trailer

Beyond communicating with other drivers, Signaling products also play an important role in design.
As well as constantly innovating in terms of design and safety, Valeo has also developed
products which consume less power in order to help decrease CO2 emissions. The focus here is on the use of L.E.D.s for signaling functions. The fast response time of L.E.D.s reduces the braking distance of the following driver by 5m at 90km/h speed. And rear lighting with L.E.D.s
helps to save 0.5g CO2/km compared to Tungsten bulbs.
All the products are tested in a laboratory according to the legislation and the trailer requirement allows us to offer an innovative product that is beautifully designed with optimized safety to the customers.
In addition to the rear lights and side markers, we also have a range of cables, harnesses and junction boxes to help our customer fit all the cables that are necessary to power the lights.
Strict tests have been carried out on the products such as thermal resistance (extreme heat and extreme cold), water tightness and mechanical resistance. They also provide both reliable and safe connections to make sure that the lights work, whatever the weather and road conditions.

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