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Fuel tank caps

Valeo Fuel tank caps Security Systems for Trucks

For customer satisfaction, the Valeo caps range offers an excellent quality/price ratio of the market.


All caps fulfill the OE quality requirements and undergo rigorous test according to the O.E. specifications for safe and long lasting products. All Valeo vented caps for Trucks are compliant with the European standards 70/221 and 2000/8 since they are equipped with a security valve which prevents fuel leakage in case the vehicle rolls over.


During the tests, the caps are checked to ensure that no damage to the body or seals has occurred and that no leakage occurs.

Valeo offers a reliable, highly qualitative and environmentally friendly range of urea tank caps.


> Environmentally friendly: Valeo promotes a cleaner environment by proposing components that reduce the toxic emissions of diesel trucks.


> Reliable and highly qualitative:

  • Components are long lasting thanks to the quality of the materials used.
  • Metal barrels of the caps provide maximum toughness and prevent urea corrosion and have anti corrosive properties Surface treatment of the caps delivers maximum strength and prevents urea corrosion.


> Easy to recognize: A blue cap and a blue key cap make identification child’s play.


All caps are OE quality and undergo rigorous testing.