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Switches under wheel

Valeo Switches under wheel Switches Systems for Trucks

Valeo’s leading position in O.E. for Individual Column Switches renders this complete range ensuring original replacement part for safety functions such as turn signal, wiper and lighting very attractive for a client.


Individual Column Switch functions ensure safety and comfort in terms of driver visibility.


After a few years, part wear due to mechanical overstress or electrical dysfunction can break the switch. It must be replaced in compliance with the applicable regulations.


Lighting and signaling equipment are particularly important as the driver’s view of the road is one of the main elements of vehicle inspection centre specifications.


Valeo’s offer is currently fully listed in TecDoc. The 127 part numbers are mostly captive and represent 50% of the Valeo Switch Systems portfolio. They replace wiper or lighting switches for manufacturers such as IVECO, RENAULT TRUCK.

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