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Clutch kit

Valeo Clutch kit Transmission Systems for Trucks

There are 3 types of transmissions in heavy duty: manual transmission which is still widely present but declining; manual transmission with robotized gearbox - which is becoming a standard, providing the benefits in fuel consumption and increase of the clutch lifespan and the automatic transmission, which is still not so expanded and used mainly for special purposes like city buses or refuse lorries. 


Strong O.E. presence, a car maker trust at the service of Aftermarket 

1 out of 2 Eureopen carmaker is fitted with Valeo Clutch, definitely it’s a strong sign of the car maker trust in Valeo products. Valeo uses its O.E. expertise to enlarge its offer for Aftermarket reaching today 95% of the coverage in Euroepan heavy duty vehicles.

For Asean markets Valeo integrates as well the applications for Chinese and Japanease trucks. 
In order to be in line with the truck fleets’ expectations, Valeo only offers premium clutches for the commercial vehicle market - a commitment of Valeo constant quality you can trust. All the products are done according to highest Valeo standards and O.E. processes.



Best in Class Valeo clutches

Valeo offers a complete range: kits, cover assy, driven plates, release bearings for commercial vehicles: medium trucks, heavy trucks up to 44 tons and coaches.

Valeo S.A.T. is market’s easiest to fit

More powerful engines, longer ratios and new lifetime specifications have led to the development and introduction of more complex clutch designs such as Valeo S.A.T. (Self Adjusting Technology). S.A.T. is revolutionary Valeo technology that uses a self adjusting facing wear compensation device on the pressure plate, thus enhancing clutch life and improving pedal comfort. S.A.T. is a technology that Valeo supplies to truck manufacturers.
Valeo S.A.T has an integrated system in the pressure plate cover assembly, featuring in compact design and enabling easy and quick fit. S.A.T is as well interchangeable with classic cover within same cover technology.



Valeo twin disc with increased wear capacity

For the trucks dedicated to public works Valeo also offers a complete range of twin disc kits. With an increased wear capacity +70% versus single disc technology, our twin disc kits provide higher durability. Thanks to the 2 discs, they also offer a higher heat transfer.



Valeo TH Damper - reduce truck fuel costs while maintaining torque

The TH Damper breakthrough is a direct result of Valeo's ongoing commitment to research and development in transmission systems, and like all Valeo clutches, the TH Damper is manufactured to Valeo's highest quality standards. 

TH Damper is able to increase dampening performance by 40%, while transmitting engine torque up to 3,500 Nm. This dampening performance allows engine speed reduction by up to 200 RPM, translating into fuel savings of up to 2%.


How does the TH Damper do it? 

Valeo’s TH Damper features five distinct characteristics that enable it to achieve these results:

  1. A bigger damper of 285mm allows torque up to 3,500 Nm, while reducing noise, vibration and harshness.
  2. Five larger springs increase vibration dampening and limitates angular stiffness by -30%
  3. A spring seat bed allows the spring to operate only in compression mode, avoiding torsion.
  4. Original Equipment quality friction materials ensure high thermal resistance and limits vibration.
  5. A pre-damper reduces gearbox noise at low revs.

Valeo TH Damper with Valeo part 827561 and is fitted for example at Volvo, Renault Trucks. 


Discover our selected clutch kit and components

Valeo partApplication forYearOES crossProduct Category
827512Volvo FH  - FM - FMX-85013893Clutch kit 3P
827052SCANIA 4SERIES C/26019961513720Clutch kit 3P
827190SCANIA P,G,R,T SERIES 34020041479574Clutch kit 3P
827054SCANIA P38020081522424Clutch kit 3P
827293SCANIA P,G,R,T SERIES 3602010K432-48Clutch kit 3P
827069VOLVO FH400200520525018Clutch kit 3P
805257VOLVO FL7/23019988112150Clutch kit 3P
827087VOLVO FH12/380199385000267Clutch kit 3P
827223RENAULT Magnum DXi 12 440.1820045001866297Clutch kit 3P
827426RENAULT TRUCK C-Series 380P20135001868533Clutch kit 2P
805448MERCEDES BENZ LK/LN2 814F1998K432-16Clutch kit 2P


Euro 6 O.E. applications - in Valeo offer

Norm EURO is  European exhaust standard for diesel engines are set to regulate the amount of pollutants. It has different numbers EURO 3, 4, 5 etc..Nowadays, most of the ASEAN countries are in EURO 4 norm. With an environmental protection approach discover in our catalog the ready EURO 6 applications for DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes, Renault Truck, Scania, Volvo.. 

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