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Window regulator mechanisms

Valeo Window regulator mechanisms Electrical Accessories for Trucks

Valeo provides a large range of electronic and electrical systems including 4 different types of technology: cable systems, scissor systems, bowden type and double bowden type.
Window-lifts have evolved to electronic versions on recent vehicles (comfort function). Nowadays between 15% to 20% of Trucks are equipped with a comfort window regulator. 

This evolution is integrated in Valeo offer

  • Some electronic window-lifts can easily be replaced by the similar part with a motor integrating the Comfort function (marked in Valeo catalog). 
  • On some vehicles, it becomes impossible to change the window-lift motor in the Aftermarket network (electronic re-initialization required). 
  • The solution is to change the mechanism only (without motor), to be fitted with the original motor. 
  • Most of the time, it is the mechanism and not the engine that breaks. 

As a response to the Aftermarket demand, Valeo offers more and more mechanisms only in the range. The offer includes also motors only and complete kits (mechanism & motor). 


Continuously expanding market - conquer it with Valeo 

Valeo offer covers the biggest European truck manufacturer applications such as DAF, Iveco, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Renault Trucks, Scania and Volvo Trucks and continuously expands its offer. 



Causes of a broken window regulator:

  • Accidents
  • Parts wear
  • Over-run (for both electric and electronic ones)
  • High temperature
  • Non-use (corrosion)
  • Non removal of the ice on the window before usage of the window regulator.

A truck can’t be immobilized because of a broken window regulator. Valeo provide a quick answer to your needs. 

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