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Valeo First Hybrid Blade

Protective Cover technology
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First Hybrid Blade

A wiper made for sport-oriented look vehicles, the Valeo First Hybrid gives you driving pleasure and security in all weather conditions.

Protective Cover technology blade combines a streamlined exterior cover with the thin flexibility of a curved Flat Blade, for optimal wiping performance.

First Hybrid Blade

Matching Design

Attractive, OE-Style Hybrid protective cover design fully protects the integrated Flat Blade.


Unique and innovative spoiler shape for maximum aerodynamic performance and optimized airflow control at all speeds.


Provides the maximum contact and optimal pressure on the windshield, resulting in:

  • Minimal vibration at high speed
  • Reduced windlift
  • Noise reduction during operation

Our offer

Range & Offers for Business Partner

A compact and comprehensive range:

  • Easy to stock and easy to sell
  • Attractive, efficient & innovative packaging
  • 12 part numbers from 12” to 28”
  • 97% ASEAN car park coverage


Range & Offers for Driver

  • User friendly packaging with the application
  • With fitting / installation instruction, QR code
  • Easy fitting


Range & Offers

RHD for Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei & Cambodia

Valeo Part NumberDescriptionShort CodesLength (inch)Length (mm)AdaptorTraffic
575845First Hybrid 14"VFH1414350URHD
575846First Hybrid 16"VFH1616400URHD
575855First Hybrid 17"VFH1717425URHD
575847First Hybrid 18"VFH1818450URHD
575848First Hybrid 19"VFH1919475URHD
575849First Hybrid 20"VFH2020500URHD
575850First Hybrid 21"VFH2121525URHD
575851First Hybrid 22"VFH2222550URHD
575852First Hybrid 24"VFH2424600URHD
575853First Hybrid 26"VFH2626650URHD
575854First Hybrid 28"VFH2828700URHD

RHD for Indonesia

Valeo Part NumberDescriptionShort CodesLength (inch)Length (mm)AdaptorTraffic
589341First Hybrid 14"VFHR 1414350URHD
589342First Hybrid 16"VFHR 1616400URHD
589343First Hybrid 17"VFHR 1717425URHD
589344First Hybrid 18"VFHR 1818450URHD
589345First Hybrid 19"VFHR 1919475URHD
589346First Hybrid 20"VFHR 2020500URHD
589347First Hybrid 21"VFHR 2121525URHD
589348First Hybrid 22"VFHR 2222550URHD
589349First Hybrid 24"VFHR 2424600URHD
589350First Hybrid 26"VFHR 2626650URHD
589351First Hybrid 28"VFHR 2828700URHD

LHD for Vietname, Philipines & Myanmar

Valeo Part NumberDescriptionShort CodesLength (inch)Length (mm)AdaptorTraffic
575890First Hybrid 14" 14350ULHD
575891First Hybrid 16" 16400ULHD
575892First Hybrid 17" 17425ULHD
575893First Hybrid 18" 18450ULHD
575894First Hybrid 19" 19475ULHD
575895First Hybrid 20" 20500ULHD
575896First Hybrid 21" 21525ULHD
575897First Hybrid 22" 22550ULHD
575898First Hybrid 24" 24600ULHD
575899First Hybrid 26" 26650ULHD