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Valeo is a producer of the innovative Matrix Beam Laser automotive lighting system, based on the BeamAtic® PremiumLED technology. The solution previously used only for the first installation in premium cars is now available in the aftermarket. Valeo provided a solution to the Land Rover Velar.

Matrix Beam Laser road lighting system - what is it about?


The Matrix Beam system allows you to drive on traffic lights without dazzling oncoming drivers. This solution ensures maximum visibility in all conditions. The light beam is controlled automatically, without the need for any actions by the driver.


The basic version of the Matrix system was based on LED light sources. The Matrix Beam Laser is a development of the initial concept, enriched with laser diodes - for even faster response and more efficient lighting. How is it working?






Matrix Beam Laser


Matrix Beam Laser is a combination of the advantages of LED and laser technology. While driving, a conventional LED light beam illuminates the road up to 300 meters. As the car accelerates, a laser is activated that doubles the range of the beam, allowing the driver to see up to 600 meters. The laser projector emits three beams of blue light onto a fluorescent phosphor plate. It is responsible for transforming the laser beams into a beam of white light.


The laser diodes are allocated to specific sectors of the reflector. When a vehicle is approaching in front of you, the system automatically turns off some of the LEDs, creating a blackout area. As the vehicle approaches, other LEDs are turned off, and those that no longer create a glare risk are turned on again.


Why did Valeo choose the laser?


The technology used by the Matrix Beam Laser system is an innovative solution, designed with maximum efficiency in mind. It is designed for premium performance cars such as the Lexus IS 200T, BMW i8, Audi R8 and Land Rover Velar, for which the innovative Matrix Beam Laser headlamps can already be purchased on the aftermarket.

In the case of high-performance vehicles, correct illumination of the road plays a key role. The lights must act quickly and illuminate the widest and longest possible field to provide the driver with optimal visibility and time to react. The light generated by the laser is whiter and brighter than LED, which guarantees "better resolution" vision - faster perception of road details or obstacles. The range of such light is also much greater than when using only LEDs. The advantage of the laser is also 2/3 lower energy consumption, which translates into longer life of the lights and reduction of CO² emissions.



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