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Because the driver actually sees everything through the windscreen, it is important for safety that the windscreen remains clean and that there is a clear view. It is therefore surprising that wiper systems are still not seen as an integral part of a car's visibility system.



Clear view of the road


If your windshield wipers leave marks, make a lot of noise or don't wipe all the water off your windshield, it's time to replace them. Once the wipers have been replaced, you can wipe properly again by following these steps:

 Only use special wiper fluid - normal household products can damage the wipers

Keep your windshield clean - waste can damage the wipers


Valeo is a world leader in wiper systems, supplying both original and aftermarket spare parts. Valeo offers a comprehensive range of front and rear windscreen wipers from different brands, such as Valeo HydroConect™ and Valeo Silencio™. The Valeo wipers are both stylish and efficient and are easy to use on all types of cars.



Valeo AquaBlade ™


The Valeo AquaBlade™ is one of Valeo's innovations. This is a unique wiper system that uses fluid channels in the wipers. The driver's view is no longer limited by the nozzles and you can always clean the windscreen properly, no matter how fast you drive and whatever the wind blows

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