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Are your customers ready for the rain? Now’s the time to talk to them about their wiper blades.

Valeo Wiping Blades range
Did you know poor visibility is solely responsible for a significant number of car accidents?* And given that almost all visibility is through the windscreen, the quality of your customers’ wiping systems are a crucial part of their road safety. As we head into the rainy winter months, now is the perfect time to talk to your customers about replacing their wipers and letting them know about the latest wiper innovations. Read on to learn more!


Wiper blades for any car? Valeo Service has you covered


Valeo is the world leader in wiping systems, supplying wiper blades and wiper motors as Original Equipment and for the spare parts aftermarket.

With a comprehensive range of front and rear wiper blades in a variety of differentiated brands such as Valeo HydroConnect™, Valeo Silencio™, SWF™ and Valeo First, Valeo wiper blades are as stylish as they are efficient.

Whatever type of car your customer has, Valeo has wiper blades to suit. With the rainy season on its way, now is the perfect time to talk to your customers about their wiper blades. And the perfect time to stock up on blades for your workshop!


Wipers that help with braking? Yes! Valeo Aquablade™!


Valeo has always been at the forefront of wiper design. With a focus on aerodynamics, low noise and blending with each individual vehicle’s design, Valeo collaborates closely with vehicle manufacturers on future wiping technologies.


One of Valeo’s latest creations is the AquabladeTM, winner of a 2018 PACE Award for innovation.


What makes Valeo AquaBladeTMso special?


Traditional wiping systems spray washer fluid from jets beneath the windscreen. This system has a number of shortcomings such as uneven distribution of fluid, performance that is dependent on vehicle speed, and a significantly high level of wasted fluid. Most importantly though, traditional jet sprays obstruct driver visibility.

The Valeo AquaBladeTM wipes away all these flaws.


The fluid is not projected onto the windshield but distributed along the entire length of the wiper blade. The windscreen surface covered by the wiper is uniformly cleaned, regardless of vehicle speed or wind conditions. And, the right amount of fluid is always provided right where it is needed, reducing fluid consumption by half and significantly reducing weight. Most importantly, there is no obstruction of visibility during a clean.


Aquablade has proven to be so effective that a recent study found that they reduce braking distances by 4 metres, with cars travelling 50km/h,** meaning increased road safety for everyone.


As a wiper specialist, Valeo brings to the aftermarket its latest O.E. technology with Valeo Silencio™ AquaBlade™.


Trust Valeo for all your wiper needs!


* Source: http://www.who.int/violence_injury_prevention/publications/road_traffic/world_report/visibility_en.pdf

** Source: Fraunhofer Institute IOSB study on +5500 tests in real driving condition performed.