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The Valeo Group is proud to celebrate the 100 year legacy of SWF

A century of quality from “The German Wiper Specialist”


SWF, a brand that combines tradition and innovation, a brand which belongs to Valeo, the N° 1 worldwide leader in Wiper Systems* is celebrating 100 years of legacy.

SWF, with all of its expertise and innovations, offers to the aftermarket a full range of premium wiper blades to address different needs.


Let’s discover its fascinating history:


1922: the SWF history started in Bietigheim (Germany) under the name “Spezial Werkzeugfabrik Feuerbach”


1927: the first wiper blades and development of electrical motors, washing systems, lighting and other automobile parts arrived in 1927


1935: the first wiper blades for curved windscreens dedicated to light vehicles were launched


1958: in order to provide a global solution to customers, the first wipers blades specially designed for truck and commercial vehicles were introduced into the market


1974: the 1 meter wiper blade for buses and first integrated spoilers was introduced


1998: SWF joined Valeo Group and became a major supplier in the wiping industry


2000: the wear indicator, Valeo’s innovation, was introduced to SWF wiper blades


2002: the first flat blades for Original Equipment were developed and launched


2012: Valeo Group wins a PACE award for its Valeo AquaBlade™ system produced in Bietigheim, Germany. SWF leadership designing Original Equipment, the legitimacy, expertise and innovation continues.


2013: the growth continues and the full complete Flat Blade range for Trucks - VisioFlex® is introduced to its catalog


2014: a complete Hybrid range of single blades was incorporated in the passenger cars offer


2017: SWF Connect was launched, a range dedicated to customers looking for an optimized Flat Blade range with maximum car parc coverage for front and rear applications being the first Premium rear multi connection range in the market


2018: SWF welcomed into its range the exclusive Valeo AquaBlade™ made in Germany, bringing to the aftermarket its latest Original Equipment innovation and becoming the only IAM actor to cover vehicles equipped originally with Valeo AquaBlade™ (more than 1 million vehicles already covered). Valeo AquaBlade™, a cutting-edge technology to increase safety on the road.


* 2019 Original Equipment market shares for passenger cars


A brand that combines tradition and innovation


Now, 100 years later, the SWF brand is sold in more than 50 countries and it has become a leading worldwide wiper specialist: designing and manufacturing in Europe - wiper blades, motors and components; Offering to the aftermarket a full range of premium wiper blades to address different needs with a European coverage rate close to 100% for passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles and buses.


SWF, strong heritage, a brand you can trust, celebrating 100 years of expertise and legacy and so many more to come!


Valeo wiper systems in figures


  • +6 Valeo wiper blades produced per second in the world
  • +18 Valeo Wiper Systems plants in the world
  • +13 Valeo Wiper Systems research and development Centers
  • +8000 employees to meet customer satisfaction
  • ⅓ of new passenger car vehicles in Europe is equipped with a Valeo Wiper System in 2019
  • In 2021, 7 out of 10 new commercial vehicles in Europe were equipped by Valeo
  • +130 millions wiper blades produced by Valeo in 2019


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