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Valeo, the Braking Systems Specialist since 1923 commits to innovate and deliver the best products and the best services to mechanics and all aftermarket key players. In light of this Valeo releases today a best in class commercial vehicles brake pads fitting Video.

This 5mn walkthrough video presents in four steps the perfect dismounting and fitting operations of brake pads on a Heavy Duty application.

  • Stage #1 Tooling and kit content checklist
  • Stage #2 Removal of worn brake pads
  • Stage #3 Fitting of new brake pads
  • Stage #4 Refitting the wheel


Valeo has brought out this fitting movie to ensure top quality operations for mechanics and consequently increased safety for the drivers. Making sure this operation is fully mastered and most of all not delayed is absolutely key to reduce vehicle downtime. This is even more important when a whole fleet is concerned as the effect on the Total Cost of Ownership is immediate.



Valeo offers the Valeo OptiPACK™, Valeo PremiumPACK™ and Valeo SmartPACK™  braking pads ranges for Commercial vehicles. These ranges are designed  to suit each customer needs and ease workshops day to day servicing operations in accordance with the “We Care 4 You - Trust The Specialist” strategy, Valeo

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Because Valeo cares for each and every customer, the Aftermarket Specialist is committed to meeting customers’ needs and delivering the most suitable support:

  • Improved visibility and readability on Tecdoc®

  • Technical Hotline and Connected Assistance to get quick and professional answers about crosses, applications requirements or fitment issues : call 0810600 606

  • Technical training and promotion with our longstanding automotive professional trainers who know the aftermarket. Learn more on tech @ssist