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Range Expansion : Valeo Evaporator

Valeo Thermal Specialist launches 12 new range of adaptable Evaporators for the ASEAN Market.

What is Evaporator?




Evaporator is the part of the air-conditioning system (HVAC) where the refrigerant absorbs heat. It is basically an indoor units located in the vehicle dashboard.


Evaporator coils are made from copper, steel and aluminum because these materials conduct heat easily.

It takes the heat from the car and converts it into liquid refrigerant by changing it into vapour.

In many countries, evaporator are called cooling Coil as well.


Identify a new range of adaptable evaporator for ASEAN market !


Valeo climate control offers high grade aftermarket products for a variety of applications. Our OE experience and know-how ensure our automotive aftermarket products provides unmatched performance & reliability  




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