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A key role in air conditioning 

The compressor is directly fixed to the engine block, driven by the belt. Compressor is the main AC system part. By creating a differential pressure: high and low pressures, compressor acts as pump ensuring the flow of the refrigerant through the AC circuit.

Compressor is the most complex product of AC loop regarding the technology features and as a result the most valued. Hence, the choice of good quality product is extremely vital here. 


The key functions of compressor: 

  • Delivering the refrigerant to all parts of the air conditioning system
  • Raising the pressure of the refrigerant in the gas phase and allowing to reduce the temperature during cooling at the condenser
  • Transporting oil which slows down wear and tear of mechanical parts and seals up the system


Compressor's three main technologies:

  • Piston compressors
  • Scroll compressors
  • Vane compressors 


Did you know ?

Valeo’s first five-vane rotary compressor, launched in 1980, was a world first. Today, with years of experience behind it, Valeo is offering a new simple two-vane rotary compressor which is developed to meet the needs of compact vehicles throughout the world. The first models have been produced in Thailand for automakers.

More than 60 years of O.E. experience at your service

  • Pioneer in the development of the first A/C compressors, Valeo today is recognized as an trustful O.E. expert
  • Valeo is of the world’s leading manufacturer of Air-Conditioning Systems
  • Valeo has an O.E presence all over the world, with plants located in Europe, Asia (Thailand, Japan, China) and America
  • Valeo compressors undergo rigorous test during production: leakage, durability, noise, vibration. 


Trustful Best-in-Class Premium Quality offer

Universal compressor

A/C Equipped Compressor


Universal compressor

Aiming to be used to build the AC system for the vehicles which initially were not equipped with AC.


Discover our selected Valeo compressors and many more in our catalogs


Valeo part Technical specification Voltage Gas
815993 Ear mount, Ring spring armature, O'Ring fitting, Pulley diameter 135mm 12V R134a
815990 Direct mount, Ring spring armature, O'Ring fitting, Pulley diameter 137mm, 1BG groove 12V R134a
815989 Direct mount, Ring spring armature, O'Ring fitting, Pulley diameter 135mm, 1AG groove 12V R134a
815994 Ear mount, Ring spring armature, O'Ring fitting, Pulley diameter 135mm, 2AG groove 24V R134a


A/C Equipped Compressor

The replacement part for compressor model being originally equipped in AC loop. Valeo Services proposes here the large portfolio for both Japanese and European vehicles. Focusing on customer needs Valeo gives its strong O.E. expert benefits into the aftermarket design of Valeo compressors, example for Isuzu D-Max and Toyota Vigo. Those products are ​developed by Valeo plant in Thailand applying the same production process as in O.E.


Asian range


Valeo part Application for Year OES cross
815480 Nissan Navara YD 2016> 92600 4KV0A
559608 Isuzu DMAX 2002-2012 8-97370-661-3
559612 Toyota Hilux Vigo 2005-2014 883100K110
813118 Honda Civic XIII 2006-2011 38810RNA004
813119 Honda CR-V III 2007-2011 38800RZVG020M2
815022 Mitsubishi Pejero Dakar II
Mitsubishi Pejero Sport II
2008-2014 MN123625
815023 Mitsubishi Triton 2.5 DI-D 4WD 2005-2014 MN123626
815024 Mitsubishi Triton 2.4L L200 2005-2014 MN123627
815151 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport II 2008-2014 7813A172
815262 Mitsubishi Mirage 2012> 7813A385


European range


Valeo part Application for Year OES cross
815263 Audi A3,
VK golf V, VK Passat, VK Touran (PQ35 platform)
2003-2013 1K0820803L
813137 Mercedes C Class (203, 204) 2004-2011 12304911
813157 Mercedes C Class (203, 204),
E Class (211)
2005-2009 22306611
699264 Volvo S60, S80, V70 II, XC70, XC90 I 2000-2009 3130 8259
813140 Volvo S60 II, V70 II, V70 III, XC60, XC70 2006-2012 31305833


TM Compressor

Unique offer for automotive refrigeration system and AC system built for LCV, Truck and Bus.

Learn more

Not only compressors… Magnetic Clutch

The air conditioning compressor has an electromagnetic clutch which can activate and deactivate drive from the compressor pulley. 

Valeo Service proposes the offer of its Valeo OE magnetic clutches:


Valeo part Application for OES cross to compressor Valeo compressor part number
560029 MITSUBISHI Triton (2005-2014) MN123626 815023
560031 MITSUBISHI Pajero (2008-2014) MN123625 815022
560033 MITSUBISHI Mirage (2012>) 7813A385 815262
560047 MITSUBISHI Strada (2001-2007) MR190619
560093 DATSUN Go (2011>) 92600-1HC1A
560094 NISSAN X-trail (2001>) 92600 200B
560095 NISSAN Serena (1993-2001) 92600-CX000 815010


Mastering innovative technology-electrical compressor by Valeo

Continuously focusing to accompany the automotive market with new solutions Valeo developed the innovative electrical compressor, which was given in 2014 the PACE award. 

Electrical Compressor (EDC) it’s a compressor with integrated inverter for hybrid and electrical vehicles. Valeo world premiere on application for Audi SQ7. 


Playing the key role in the AC system compressor is susceptible to be damaged by issues occurring on other AC loop elements:

  • not enough or too much refrigerator 
  • not enough oil, dirty oil or wrong oil 
  • pollution of AC system caused by issues with spare parts like condensers, evaporator..
  • magnetic clutch failure

The compressor must be replaced due to the crash and once damaged. 

Valeo Tip
  • For the long lasting compressor life while replacing the compressor Valeo recommends:
  • never to install a new compressor without rinsing the system  
  • to change as well expansion valve, receiver drier, gasket/o’rings 
  • never to proceed to random oil leveling, always ensure the correct oil type and oil level

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