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Control electronics

Valeo Control electronics Air Conditioning for LCV

Blower speed control

Air conditioning ventilation power is adjusted by a device that controls the blower speed. Three types of adjusting devices are used:

  • Passive resistive devices that are adjusted in steps and contain two or three resistors corresponding to three or four speeds. The resistors are made of wire coils or mounted on a ceramic support.
  • Analogic module which use a voltage control to control the speed of the blower
  • Numeric module which use Pulse Width Modulation  (PWM) signal to control the speed of the blower



The main reasons of control electronics failure comes from overheating,electric arcs and humidity.

The control electronics must be replaced once blower stop working. 


Did you know ?

Did you know that Valeo proposes the portfolio of control electronics units only ?

In case of non functioning of electronic unit it can be replaced by still using the body of blower if this one has remained still in a perfect quality.

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