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Heater core

Valeo Heater cores Air Conditioning for LCV

Heating is another primary role of air conditioning

Most vehicles are fitted with heating systems.The engine cooling liquid is traditionally used as an energy source for heating purposes. Part of the heat produced by the engine is channelled to the

cabin via the heating radiator. The heating components are located inside the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system (HVAC), after the blower.


The heater core

The heater core has three main jobs:

  • To act as an air and water exchanger, using energy from engine cooling liquid
  • To increase cabin temperature To demist and defrost glass



Additional heater cores (PTC)

More heat when you need it

An additional electric heating device called a Positive Temperature Coefficient, or PTC, is sometimes added to a system to provide additional heat during some transient phases.

Self-regulated heaters

PTC’s are self-regulated electric heaters used to complement the main heater core. They are generally located after the heater core but can sometimes be placed in the ducts (the feet heater). PTC’s are often introduced to climate control systems to compensate for a lack of heat availability, which can be the case with high efficiency engines.

Did you know that? 

On Electric Vehicles (EV’s) and hybrid cars the additional heater located in the HVAC may be high voltage driven.All appropriate measures must be taken prior to servicing this part.


Common heater core problems

The problems with heater core are:

  • Perforation due to corrosion
  • Leakage


Valeo Tip

The heater core must be replaced if it is pierced or contaminated and while the subject if leakage.