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Ventilation Blower

Valeo Ventilation blowers Air Conditioning for LCV

A booster to improve the air flow 

The air conditioned air that enters a car’s cabin is propelled by a motor driven fan, known as a blower. The blower module is located inside the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning system (HVAC).


A ventilation blower consists of:

  • A fan
  • A drive motor
  • A power control device

A ventilation blower uses the correct amount of thermal power from the heat exchangers to achieve the desired flow rate. A blower is also designed to monitor the heat loss in the air conditioning circuit, in order to set the pressure.


The importance of the blower in comfort and safety

The ventilation blower ensures efficient air flow in the cabin. It is a key component for passenger comfort and safety. It is the blower’s responsibility to demist the windscreen for example.

Did you know ? that all vehicles are equipped with a blower, even the ones without air conditioning.

The blower is the window to your air conditioning system. If it does not work correctly, your whole AC system is inefficient. Therefore it is vital to use quality blowers.


At the Origin of Excellence..benefit with Valeo

Valeo is an industry leading expert and supplier of ventilation blowers for both Original Equipment (O.E.) and the Aftermarket. In fact, one out of every two vehicles of European car models is equipped with a Valeo blower (Mercedes,Volkswagen Group, Peugeot..). In Asean markets Valeo blower is offered as well in Japanese applications in it for Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Nissan.


Benefits of a Valeo blower include:

  • Impeachable quality, following Valeo O.E. quality processes meeting all the requirements of safetydurability and comfort (minimal noise, vibrations) at all blower speeds 
  • Optimized airflow to efficiently reach the passengers desired temperature
  • standardized range with less references, ideal to reduce your stock constraints
  • perfect fit, meaning quicker assembly
  • perfect synergy with other Valeo products from HVAC: evaporatorscontrol electronicsexpansion valve..

Did you know ?  

Replacement time for blower is estimated on average to 1 hour, even though according to the vehicle, it can go from 15 minutes to 3 hours.

Valeo O.E. quality ensures you an effective fitting: right the first time!


Asian range


Valeo partApplication forYearOES crossTraffic
815067MITSUBISHI Triton2005-20147802A045RHD
815225MITSUBISHI L200 Triton2006-20147802A105LHD
815155MITSUBISHI Pajero2007-20147842A113RHD
815070NISSAN Tiida Saloon 27226EE50ARHD
559797ISUZU CXZ712010>1835611610RHD


European range


Valeo partApplication forYearOES crossTraffic
698244Mercedes C Class (202),
SLK Class (170)
698812Volkswagen Golf VI,
New Beetle II
715049BMW series 1 (E81-E82-E88),
Series 3 (E90/E91/E92/E93)
715056RENAULT Clio III/ FL2005-20127701062226
715298Volkswagen Golf VII
Passat VIII
Tiguan III

And more blower part to discover in our catalogue



The main reasons of blower failure comes from motor corrosion, blocked brushes, unbalanced turbine as well as in poor quality adaptables.


The blower must be replaced

  • after a crash
  • as soon as it produces irregular airflow, reducing the passengers comfort and safety
  • when it generates excessive noise


Perfect synergy

When changing the part of the system (like HVAC) the entire system is affected. To maintain the original performance and thus ensure comfort and security to your customers choose Valeo quality and ideal fitting.

Take a benefit from perfect synergy of Valeo HVAC components: blowercontrol electronicsevaporatorcabin air filtersexpansion valve.

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