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Free Wheel Pulley

Valeo Pulleys  Electrical Systems  for Passenger car


A Freewheel pulley makes the mechanical link between the alternator and the engine output crankshaft pulley. The pulley drives the alternator which allows the battery to be recharged. The Overrunning Alternator Pulley (OAP), also called the freewheel pulley, is a spare part of the complete alternator. It is composed of a pulley with an outside diameter suitable for fitting a “poly-V” belt (drive belt), a one-way clutch unit with bearing supports, an inner ring, two seals and an end cover in plastic. This alternator component is subject to high stress: it rotates up to 12,000 r/min.


The Freewheel Pulley is used to

Protect belt drive system by filtering engine torsional vibrations to improve the belt drive longevity
Ensure belt drive N.V.H. (Noise-Vibration-Harshness) for optimum driving comfort
Stop friction losses caused by belt slippage
Allow the alternator rotor to turn in freewheel mode when the engine is slowing down or stopping for maximum system efficiency, fuel savings and CO2 emissions reduction


Turn the freewheel pulley with Valeo products

As the O.E. leading world expert in Electrical Systems, Valeo presents a complementary range to its alternator portfolio to provide full packaged services for customers. Choose Valeo freewheel pulley offer and enjoy its benefits:

  • Ensurance of the highest quality - certified under various tests
    • Made of the finest possible materials and bearing, the products have been tested according to Valeo high-quality standards to ensure the strong robustness of each part: salt spray test, high-pressure sealing, load - bearing resistance, large temperature difference conditions, cycle speed test, high number of stop - start tests…
  • Long belt drive lifespan - securing the belt drive system by blocking engine torsional counter rotations  
  • More driving comfort - helping to improve the belt drive noise, vibration and harshness
  • Enhanced engine efficiency, fuel savings and CO2 emission reduction due to
    • Allowing the alternator rotor to still turning in freewheel pulley mode when engine is coasting or stopping
    • Stopping friction losses due to belt slippage


Fast growing - a dedicated ASEAN range

Valeo is rapidly increasing its portfolio of freewheel pulley aiming the maximum of the coverage range in the world. Targeting the strong portfolio development in ASEAN region by delivering an irreproachable product quality, Valeo offers to ASEAN market the free wheel pulleys for large variety of Japanese, Korean, Malaysian and European cars.



Discover our selected Valeo freewheel pulleys…


Valeo part Application for Year OES cross
588082 TOYOTA VIGO 2004 27060-0L020
588057 FORD RANGER T6, MAZDA BT50 2011 U201-18-W10
588069 NISSAN NAVARA D40 2005 23151-EB301
2012 03D903119A
588068 CHEVROLET CAPTIVA 2006 93743440
588058 MAZDA 3 2003 LF18-18-330
588130 TOYOTA CAMRY 2001 27415-0W041
588079 NISSAN Terrano II 1993 23150-2W200
588087 MITSUBISHI LANCER EX 2007 1800A061
588060 MERCEDES C ,CLC, CLK ,E Class 2000 A2711550016
588152 MAZDA CX5 DIESEL 2013 SH1A-18-330
588160 Hyundai H1 grand starex 2011 37322-4A320

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