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Valeo Starters Electrical Systems for Passenger car

Starts the engine

To make an engine start it must be turned at some speed, so that it sucks fuel and air into the cylinders, and compresses it. The powerful electric starter motor does the turning. Its shaft carries a small pinion which engages with a large gear ring around the rim of the engine flywheel.


Valeo answers the market needs

Valeo drives innovations, within almost 100 years of experience in Rotating machine and the top O.E. position in the world - reflecting the car makers strong trust - Valeo answers the market needs thanks to large range of technological evolution for starters. From conventional starters to latest generation of compact and reinforced starters - each Valeo starter provides reliability, safety and the best quality. The latest technologies of starters feature higher power and efficiency in a more compact design than used in previous starters solutions. It allows an easier integration into the engine environment without reducing the performance.


Choose reliable solution with Valeo

With leading O.E. position and expertise Valeo is able to provide a wide range of Premium quality starters to the Aftermarket.

  • Best in Class reliable Quality
  • Easy to replace with O.E design, Valeo starter range offers exact fit whatever the car
  • Strong technical expertise
  • Immediate availability of new products on the market thanks to an efficient Valeo Time-To-Market strategy
  • Large offer with strong European range and dedicated Asian vehicules
  • Latest OEM technology integrated in Aftermarket offer (ReStart)

ReStart - extra durable starter 

  • reinforced starter technology for better durability to repeated stopping and starting of the engine
  • up to 6 times more cranking cycle in the lifetime compared to conventional starter
  • easy repair operation
  • CO2 and fuel consumption reduction 
  • Presence example for: Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Volvo, Renault, Ford, Hyundai…



The fixation of the starter is key to the system performances. The alignment of the starter pinion drive vs the engine flywheel is mandatory. The NEG 12V pole is the body of the machine, it must be strongly screwed to the engine.


  • Use the appropriate torque for bolting the machine on the engine
    • to avoid vibration during the rotation
    • to ensure a proper Negative Electrical connection
  • Always use the appropriate part number
  • Never proceed to adaptation of the fixation

The starter power performances strongly depend on the quality of the electrical connections


  • Check & clean the charging harness contacts prior to fit a new machine
  • Use the original screws & washers
  • Use the appropriate torque to ensure a low contact resistance between the machine and the harness

In case of defective harness (corrosion, crimping issue…) it is strongly recommended to change the complete harness to a new one


The type of battery is linked to the technologies and evolution of the car architecture


  • Always respect the type of battery : AGM, EFB, Silver calcium
  • Validate the battery type with a diagnostic tool or the with the car dashboard.

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