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Fuel Pumps

The Valeo Range of Fuel Pumps for Cars - Thailand

The fuel pump is responsible for retrieving the petrol or diesel from the tank and delivering it to the ignition chamber. It can be stand alone devises or integrated in a module with a fuel gauge. 

Valeo offers a wide portfolio including Mechanical Fuel Pumps, Electrical in-line Fuel Pumps, Electrical Fuel Pump Module, Electrical Pump for Modules, Fuel Level Senders and Filters.


All the products are engineered and produced according to original O.E. specifications.

  • Mechanical-On-Engine: A mechanical fuel pump is a device that delivers fuel to the engine. Due to the fact that mechanical fuel pumps generally work on carbureted engines, they are typically found only on older vehicle
  • Electrical-In-Line:Appeared with the injection engines. Electrical fuel pumps are required to feed the injection circuit.
  • Electrical-In-Tank:This strategy was chosen by car maker due to it’s easier integration, the pump was already installed with the tank before the fitting on the car on the production line.


Discover our selected Valeo fuel pumps…


Valeo partApplication forYearOES crossTechnology
347279Peugeot 308 & Peugeot 30082007 >96 812 358 80 / 96 812 360 80 /9681235880Electric
347280Citroen C4 1.62008 > 20119674971380Electric
347274BMW X5 [E70]2010 > 201316114422731 / 16114422733 / 16117195471Electric
347229BWM 7 Series [E65, E66, E67]2003 > 200816 11 6 759 830 / 16 11 7 194 000 / 6 759 830Electric
347288Mini Countryman [R60]2010 > 201616 11 9 807 104 / 16 11 9 810 858Electric
347099Volkswagen Golf IV2000 > 20051J0919050Electric
347292Audi TT 1.81998 > 20068L0919051E / 8L0919051G / 8L0919051HElectric
348745Toyota Aygo [KGB10]2005 > 201477240-0H010Electric
347062Nissan March [K12] / Juke ]F15]2003 > 201017040-9U01B / 17040-9U01C / 17040-AX000 / 17040-AX010Electric
347293Nissan Tiida [C11]2007 > 201217040-CH000Electric
348752Mazda 3 [BK]2003 > 2009ZY08-13-35XHElectric
347255Hyundai Getz [TB] / Elantra [XD]2002 > 200431111-25000 / 31111-2D000Electric


Valeo offers a comprehensive portfolio of fuel pumps, covering a range of traditional and recent fuel pump technologies, including: 

  • Mechanical fuel pumps
  • Electrical in-line fuel pumps
  • Electrical fuel pump modules
  • Electrical pumps for modules
  • Fuel level senders and filters 
  • Fuel pump gauges
  • Fuel pumps for both diesel and petrol applications

All car fuel pump products are engineered and produced according to Original Equipment (OE) specifications. That means Valeo aftermarket fuel pumps will feature the same performance and longevity as the pump equipping the car from the factory. 


What Does a Fuel Pump Do?

The fuel pump retrieves the petrol or diesel from the fuel tank and delivers it to the engine's ignition chamber. It can be a standalone device or integrated with a fuel gauge in a fuel pump module. The design of the car fuel pump is important as increased fuel efficiency results in optimal power output, ease of engine startup, and reduced costs and maintenance. As the fuel pump provides the engine with the fuel needed to function, it is an essential part of the engine management system.


How Does a Fuel Pump Work? 

The fuel pump is an electric motor that drives two gears, feeding the engine with petrol or diesel through the injection pump or directly to the injection nozzle. The pump supplies the fuel system with a quantity of fuel defined by the computer and the engine speed. The pump's gears suck the fuel into the tank as they turn, sending the fuel to the injection pump. The fuel is sucked into an inlet tube after passing through a pre-filter and is forced through the pump to the output in the engine.


What Are the Parts of a Car Fuel Pump? 

The car fuel pump module consists of a motor, a gear pump, a pressure damper, and a discharge valve to prevent overpressure damage. It operates at a constant pressure, typically 2-3 bars, to enable the optimal fuel distribution to the engine without interruption and also to prevent air from entering the fuel tank.


How Are Diesel Fuel Pumps Different?

As diesel engines work under higher compression than petrol ones, the fuel systems require a different design. For diesel systems, the role of the car fuel pump is to send sufficient fuel to the high-pressure fuel pump, as the high-pressure fuel pump cannot suck the diesel fuel into the tank. It is important that the high-pressure pump continuously receives diesel to maintain the required pressure. With hundreds of part numbers, Valeo diesel fuel pumps cover the majority of the European carparc.


Electric Fuel Pumps 

Electric fuel pumps are integrated into a submerged module inside the fuel tank, providing several advantages:

  • Improved lubrication
  • Reduction of noise and vibration
  • Better cooling of the module (unlike a mechanical pump in the engine compartment subjected to high temperatures)
  • Save space

The latest generation electric pumps receive information from the computer to optimise the quantity of fuel to be sent to the engine injection

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