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Ignition coils

Valeo Ignition coils Engine Management Systems for Passenger car

The ignition coil is a key component in the ignition system of the gasoline vehicles.

It is designed to transform the battery's low voltage (12 volts) to the thousands of volts (40k volts) needed to create an electric spark in the spark plugs. This spark is used to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the combustion process of the engine.

As one of the leading European O.E. suppliers of ignition coils, Valeo masters the various designs and offers a portfolio including all the ignition coils technologies available on the market: Pencil Coils, Top-plug Coils, Rail Coils, Wet Coils, One-Output Coils and Compact Coils. By choosing Valeo, you get a complete range of Ignition coils offering the best technology.

Valeo provides to the aftermarket the large offer for ignition coils covering German, French, Japanese, Korean and Italian carmakers.



Discover our selected Valeo ignition coils…


Valeo partApplication forYearOES crossTechnology
245108Opel Astra2004 > 20109119567 / 1208008Rail Coil
245098Peugeot 4072004 >597075 / 597098Rail Coil
245159Audi A3 1.82003 > 201232905106 / 032905106BCompact / Block
245067Renault Safrane1995 > 20007700863021Compact / Block
245066Renault Laguna1995 > 20017700863020Compact / Block
245120Mercedes Benze 200E [W124]1988 > 19921584003Wet Coil
245323Jaguar XF2008 > 2015C2S11480 / C2S42673Pencil Coil
245141Audi A1 1.4 TFSI2011 > 2015036905100A / 036905100BPencil Coil
245174Toyota Yaris2003 > 200590080-19021 / 90919-02229 / 90919-02240 / 90919-02265Pencil Coil
245178Toyota Corolla Altis [ZZE12]2001 > 200790080-19015 / 90080-19019 / 90919-02239 / 90919-02262Pencil Coil
245320Jazz [GD]2002 > 200730520-PWA-003 / 30520-PWA-013 / 30520-PWA-S01 / 30520-REA-Z01Pencil Coil
245385Terios [J2] / Sirion2005 >19070-B1020 / 90048-52129Pencil Coil

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