Valeo Wiper motors Wiping Systems for Passenger car

Valeo Wiper Motor

Valeo, worldwide no.1 in the O.E. wiper systems brings to the aftermarket a complete range of wiper blades and wiper motors.

Valeo provides you 100% O.E. reliability wiper motors and premium service support in aftermarket. 


For safety when driving a clear view is an imperative prerequisite.

Therefore in original equipment the wiper motor is developed and adapted exactly to the particular characteristics of the front or rear windshield and the complete wiping system.

Added values

100% Advantages

  • Quality: All wiper motors are 100% O.E. production and are adopted 1:1 for the Independent Aftermarket
  • Reliability: The requirements concerning fitting accuracy for the vehicle are set at 100% - no risk of incorrect mounting or failure
  • Rigidness: 100% high quality material from original equipment
  • Durability: 100% identical spare part with the same life cycle as for the O.E.


What more we can offer?

New, lighter and more energy efficient system

Thanks to integrated electronics and software, reversible motors offer precision wiping, noise reduction, optimized wiper motor sizing and increased wiper blade life.

The Dual Direct Drive Motor for wiper systems is a compact solution with two arms, each powered by its own motor, eliminating the linkage driven by a single large motor.


Dual Direct Drive Motor

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