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Valeo Wiper Motors

Valeo Wiper Motors - Valeo ASEAN

Choose original equipment (OE) wiper motors to ensure customer satisfaction and safety. 

Valeo offers a wide range of OE car wiper motors worldwide for the independent aftermarket. As driving with a clear view is necessary for safety, Valeo windshield wiper motors are developed and tested at high-speed and in extreme weather conditions. The windscreen wiper motors are also perfectly adapted to the specific characteristics of the windshield and complete wiper system.


  • Valeo provides worldwide car manufacturers with the latest wiper systems innovations.
  • Made in Europe: France, Germany, Poland & Spain.
  • In 2019, 1 out of 3 new vehicles in Europe was equipped with Valeo wiper motor.



Valeo front and rear car wiper motors are 100% OE to ensure the same quality, reliability, and security standards for the aftermarket.
Discover what OEM expertise in wiper motors means.

  • Same high-quality materials
  • Same long life cycle
  • Same low noise operation
  • Same technical features: adapted to specific car windshields (parking position, wiping angle, area, and speed)
  • Same fitting accuracy: no risk of incorrect mounting or failure, fitting with entire wiping system is guaranteed (connectors, links with the rod)
  • Same safety features (high torque, thermal and water protection)
  • Leading expertise in rear wiper motors

* Original equipment market share in 2021

Rigorous testing to ensure OE quality standards:

  • Wiping quality: measurement and monitoring of physical indicators such as wiping angle, power, tension, and speed
  • Durability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Performance under extreme conditions (cold/hot temperatures, snow, etc.)


Why choose Valeo wiper motors ?

Valeo motors equip a wide variety of marques and models featuring several different wiping layouts, all customised for each application. Valeo’s extensive knowledge of wiper systems has produced new innovations in wiper motor technology with key safety, performance, and comfort benefits. 

Valeo is the N°1 worldwide Wiper Systems Original Equipment manufacturer 

  • A well-known & trusted brand on the market
  • 100% Original Equipment Product : Performance & quality guaranteed
  • Made in Europe: Shorter supply chain, more readily available
  • Green Box packaging: Easily recognisable brand identity
  • Tecdoc visibility
  • Online videos with fitting instructions


Key points :

  • In 2019,  1 vehicle in 3 was equipped with a Valeo wiper motor in Europe
  • Valeo Supplies the biggest wiper motor manufacturers
  • Designed to last for 1.5 million cycles

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