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Remanufactured parts

S&A | Remanufactured parts

In addition to its new units benefiting from it’s O.E. expertise, Valeo has developed a complete premium Standard Exchange offer for rotating electrics.

The 30 years’ experience of Valeo in remanufacturing and its O.E. expertise allow the definition of a specific fully mastered remanufacturing process for starters and Alternators. Valeo ensures high quality remanufacturing, in the total respect of O.E. standards throughout the whole process.

Using the same process of inspection, cleaning and electric/electronic testing, Valeo is able to renovate it’s competitor’s technologies.

The “Standard Exchange” range provide an economical solution whatever the vehicle to repair.

The specific remanufacturing process for starter allow Valeo to deliver products gathering the best standards in terms of quality:

  • High quality remanufacturing process, in the total respect of O.E. standards.
  • Ability to renovate all technologies, including competitors ones.
  • 100% asbestos free.
  • Best in class warranty records in new and remanufactured products thanks to unique O.E.M. expertise and supplier base for components.

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