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Valeo Radiators Cooling and air management for Trucks

A high performance cooling system allows optimal use of the engine’s power and efficiency, regardless of the driving conditions. This is why Valeo radiators are designed and developed with the highest quality standards – particularly for the moulding, brazing, water tanks crimping, tube density and assembly of the cores & manifold. 


Professional design for Professional Heavy Duty users

Benefits from Valeo Radiator range 

Designed for Heavy-duty applications 

  • Rigid side members & tank connection 
  • Longer resistance to shocks and vibrations

Tube and fins density allows for better thermal exchange and reduces the risk of overheating 

Side plate connection design 

  • Constant thickness and high flange 
  • Connection to header to avoid tube failure due to vibrations

Brazing Quality with O.E. standards 

  • for better performance, resistance to vibrations and enhanced durability 
  • O.E. cooling performance enabling to make fuel savings

Right choice of materials and right designs

  • The dimensions of the exchangers are meticulously respected for easier fitting
  • Minimized corrisions and vibrations 

Thermal expansion feature in side plate

  • Control deformations during thermal load to avoid cracking in the water tube 

Core and header plate assembly reduces the risk of leakage 



Discover our selected Valeo heavy duty radiators…...


Valeo part Application for Year OES cross
735017 Volvo FH
Volvo FM
733484 MERCEDES ACTROS 2003> A9425001203
733546 Scania P-04 2004> 1491710
733547 Renault Trucks Kerax 2005> 5010619583
733540 RT Scania P/G/R/T 2004> 1527653
733551 VOLVO NEW FH 2005> 22062259
733553 VOLVO FM / FMX EURO6 2010> 21649619
734294 SCANIA 4-SERIES 1998> 1365371
733549 Scania Serie-5 2006> 1851542
733552 Scania BusN270 2006> 1770096
733550 Scania Serie-5 2004> 1781365
733556 MAN TG-A 2004> 81061016482


Valeo tips for radiator replacement: 

  • The cooling capacity of the replaced radiator should be at O.E. quality level 
  • Mounting points of the radiator must be carefully checked to avoid any misalignment which can lead to radiator failure 
  • Dimensions of the old and replaced products should be similar 
  • A pressure test is needed to check the old cap is sealing correctly
  • In case of pressure test failure, the cap must be renewed 
  • Thermostat condition must also be checked and replaced if necessary in case overheating was formerly detected

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