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Valeo is the world leader in vehicle electrification (30 million cars electrified every year) providing a great response to environmental and legislative issues.

Global electric car sales surged 140% in the first quarter of 2021


According to the International Energy Agency, global sales of electric cars continued to reach for the stars in the first quarter of 2021, after what already had been a decade of rapid growth. In 2020, global electric car stock had already hit the 10 million mark with a 43% increase over 2019. EV sales are expected to follow this trend in the coming years. Today, Valeo reckons that 70% of new vehicles will be hybrid or electric by 2030.

In a survey carried out in June this year, Valeo asked end users if they intend to switch to electric mobility in the near future. Amongst 1,700 respondents, 7% declared they already had and 66% that they were considering doing so. The switch is definitely happening.


Electrification, a strategic green choice for Valeo


Valeo has established itself as the world leader in vehicle electrification. The Group produces 30 million electric machines every year, confirming its know-how in the manufacturing of electrical systems, while also providing an effective response to today’s environmental and legislative issues.

At Valeo, being green is already today’s reality: Valeo is the world number one in 48V electric motors; a cost-effective electrification technology that will account for 30% of the global automotive market by 2030. Getting to High-Voltage solutions, Valeo equips 2 cars out of 3 in the period 2019 to 2022.


iBSG 48V in the aftermarket for auto repair specialists


The iBSG (Integrated Belt Starter Generator) 48V system, a versatile and affordable solution, makes electrification more widely accessible. With its iBSG 48V, Valeo has successfully risen to the challenge of increasing the performance of vehicles driven by internal combustion engines, while also reducing their fuel consumption.

As an exclusive offer on the Aftermarket, 15 iBSG 48V part numbers are now available in Valeo’s portfolio, and the range will continue to grow in the months and years to come.


New electric vehicle brake pads join Valeo’s line of products


Valeo will soon launch a wide choice of brake pads for electric and hybrid cars, with over 200 product references offering efficiency, durability and comfort. These will be made available to the European market first, with worldwide availability following after.


Electrification to have a long-lasting impact on the aftermarket business


During its annual Vision Conference, held this year in March, the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) took a look at the impact that electrification will have on the automotive aftermarket in the coming years and decades. EV is coming and each player from suppliers to garages should, in their own way, be preparing for that.

Valeo surely is, with the commitment to support automotive professionals in this big shift!