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Valeo Alternators Electrical Systems for Passenger car

In a charging mission

The role of the alternator is to provide continual charge to the battery while the engine is running. Alternator is driven by the engine via pulleys ... and a belt drive to retrieve the appropriate energy level from the engine according to electrical energy needs. This supply of power prevents the battery from discharge, and provides the requested power to the car’s electrical devices.


Valeo - your reliable partner

With leading O.E. position and expertise Valeo is able to provide a wide range of Premium quality alternators to the Aftermarket. Valeo latest generations of alternators are developed with high quality components improving life-time, reliability, comfort and efficiency.

  • Easy to replace with O.E design, Valeo alternator range offers exact fit whatever the car
  • Quickest availability of new products on the market thanks to an efficient Valeo Time-To-Market strategy
  • Large offer with strong European range and dedicated Asian vehicules
  • Latest OEM technology integrated in Aftermarket offer (iStARS)

The reliability, the safety and the best quality of Valeo products are driven by constant innovation and strong testing criteria.



Discover our selected Valeo alternators…


Valeo partApplication forYearOES crossTechnology
443027AUDI A4, A5,SKODA Octavia, VW Passat 1.8/2.0201506L903018FiStARS
439981AUDI Q7 Hybrid20154M0903018RiStARS
439869NISSAN SERENA20072310A-1VA0AiStARS
439866SUBARU IMPREZA201323700-AA900iStARS
439679Mercedes E-Class, C-Class, SLK Class 1.8 TC20090141541502
439560BMW 3,5,6 SERIES, X1, X3, X5200512 31 7 521 178
12 31 7 525 376
439610Mercedes C-Class20072711541502 
439476BMW 1,3,5 SERIES, X1, X3, Z4199212 31 7 521 490
12 31 7 533 270
439653Mercedes C, CLS, Vito spinter2006131546802 
439640BMW X6, 7 series200812 31 7 573 755
12 31 7 573 754
439613BMW 1,3 SERIES200712 31 7 802 619 
439398BMW 3,5,7 SERIES, X5, Z3200112 31 7 501 597 
439544Mercedes A Class20042661540802 



iStARS - the most efficient alternator - starter in the market

  • iStARS is based on a combined starter - alternator solution in one machine 
  • Best in Class alternator efficiency thanks to synchronous rectification 
  • Weight reduction 
  • CO2 and fuel consumption reduction  
  • Presence example for: Nissan, Mercedes, Audi, Subaru, Peugeot, Citroen….. 

Did you know ?

The world’s premier of Valeo 12V Mild Hybrid, with i-StARS was introduced in 2012 on Nissan Serena S- Hybrid dedicated to the Asian market.


Stop - Start system diagnostics

Stop - Starts system function relies on many parameters and it will never allow automated Stop- Start if all conditions are not properly set in the vehicle.

Analyze all parameters before changing parts. Think about the working conditions that could disable the system..brake vacuum reserve, electric parking brake, brake pedal, clutch pedal, engine operating temperature, better state of charge, power accumulator voltage, air conditioning and outside temperature, accelerator pedal etc.. 

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