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Air intake throttles

Air intake throttles

Regulates the air-intake

The air intake throttle regulates the amount of air-intake into the system and allows the injection system to send the correct amount of fuel for optimum performance.The air intake throttle is mounted at the intake manifold of the engine.


Valeo trustful offer

In addition to improving fuel economy, the compact Valeo Air Intake Module promotes engine downsizing without sacrificing response and driver satisfaction. With its O.E. expertise in thermal systems, choose Valeo air intake throttle for:

  • O.E. quality certified by Valeo tests
  • Deep know-how
  • High performance materials and assembly quality
  • Increases the EGR flow - Helps for the EFAP regeneration
  • Reduces Shut-off shake (vibrations when the engine is turned off)


Valeo features the absolute customer satisfaction:

Valeo Air Intake Module technology helps vehicle manufacturers utilising both petrol and diesel engines meet future global tailpipe emission regulations.

Valeo’s compact Air Intake Module uses a highly effective fluid coolant heat exchanger integrated into the air intake manifold to minimise air pressure losses and reduce turbo lag during acceleration.

Valeo Air Intake Module not only accommodates the throttle body and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve, it also provides vehicle manufacturers with additional space and flexibility under the hood.

Valeo Innovation: Air Intake Module with Integrated Water Charge Air Cooler PACE Award

Valeo developed a revolutionary and environmentally friendly water cooled charge air cooler using the compact and powerful Air Intake module.

This air intake module promotes engine downsizing for fuel consumption (CO2 reductions) and emissions reductions (NOx) to help vehicle manufacturers meet worldwide emissions regulations. First model equipped: for Volkswagen's Golf 7, 4-cylinder 1.6 and 2.0 TDi.

This solution was elected Winner of the PACE Award 2013.

In ASEAN markets you may see this solution mainly on European origin vehicles like cars from Volkswagen Group.

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