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Conveys the heat

The heat from the engine is propelled by the water pump, conveyed to the radiator and expelled to the outside air.

The media that conveys the heat is the coolant liquid, it circulates in the whole cooling loop. Overheat can cause severe damage to the cooling loop and engine components leading to expensive repair, therefore the choice of good quality coolant will play a key role.


Valeo Protectiv™ - best solution for your cooling loop

Valeo coolant - Protectiv™ with its high efficiency protects the cooling circuit from overheating in all -season weather conditions. Within it’s long O.E. expertise in Thermal systems Valeo proposes the best coolant solution:

  • Diversified range:
    • 1l to 1000l format
    • Ready to use and concentrated
    • Available for Passenger cars, Light Commercial vehicles and Trucks 
    • Covering all ASEAN market needs: ASEAN and European range
  • Sustainable: organic range = environmentally friendly and long-lasting 
  • Compliant: meets international car manufactures norms and standards
  • Large temperature scale: adapted to protect in large temperature variations from -15oC to + 108oC  at atmospheric pressure
  • High Miscibility: miscible with main technologies on the market
  • Protective: thanks to the additive formulations Valeo Protectiv™ avoids corrosion, canitation, scale deposit and foam formation



VS - Engine Cooling Protectiv coolant fluid - Protectiv30 - MIXED



Ready - to - use range 


Pre -diluted liquid coolants 

  • Protectiv™ 30 


Valeo Part Number Product Capacity Color Temperature Protection Concentration (% MEG)
559111 Protectiv30 1L Red -15°C – 104°C 30%
559112 Protectiv30 4L Red -15°C – 104°C 30%
559113 Protectiv30 1L Green -15°C – 104°C 30%
559114 Protectiv30 4L Green -15°C – 104°C 30%


VS - Engine Cooling Protectiv coolant fluid - Protectiv35 40 50

European Range


Ready - to - use range


Pre -diluted liquid coolants 

  • Protectiv™ 35
  • Protectiv™ 40
  • Protectiv™ 50  


Valeo Part Number Product Capacity Color Temperature Protection Concentration (% MEG)
820697 Protectiv35 4L Blue -20°C – 105°C 35%
820698 Protectiv35 4L Pink -20°C – 105°C 35%
820699 Protectiv35 5L Blue -25°C – 108°C 40%
820700 Protectiv35 5L Yellow -35°C – 108°C 50%
820871 Protectiv35 5L Pink -35°C – 108°C 50%
820705 Protectiv35 25L Yellow -35°C – 108°C 50%
820706 Protectiv35 25L Pink -35°C – 108°C 50%
820718 Protectiv35 1000L Yellow -35°C – 108°C 50%
820719 Protectiv35 1000L Pink -35°C – 108°C 50%


VS - Engine Cooling Protectiv coolant fluid - Protectiv100 112

Universal Range


Concentrated range


Needs to be diluted with deionized water before use

  • Protectiv™ 100
  • Protectiv™ 112


Valeo Part Number Product Capacity Color Temperature Protection Concentration (% MEG)
559115 Protectiv100 1L Yellow Depend on dilution ratio 94%
820736 Protectiv100 200L Yellow Depend on dilution ratio 94%
559116 Protectiv112 1L Pink Depend on dilution ratio 94%


Why and when changing the coolant liquid?

In the long run inhibitor packages break down and progressively no longer protect efficiently the cooling system from various aggressions. The best guide for replacing coolant is time.

Valeo recommends to :
  • Change the coolant every 2 years
  • Benefit from a reparation to change the coolant: Any operation on the engine cooling system requires opening the circuit and removing the coolant, this is always a good opportunity to renew the whole liquid and protect the new components.
  • Flush before fitting: Failures on changed components are often related to poor servicing practices, basic operation as cooling loop flushing permit to secure the servicing operation.
  • Use Valeo Fastfill tool for efficient coolant filling (Valeo part 698798)
Coolant colour

Coolants are the antifreeze. Most antifreeze contains mainly ethylene glycol, which is colourless.
To this base of antifreeze coolant makers add a variety of chemicals that prevent rust and corrosion as well as a solvent to keep those inhibitors in solution and a limited amount of distilled water. Days are added to:

  • be able to see clearly the remaining level of coolant in the tank
  • differentiate one car brand from another