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Valeo Radiators Cooling and air management for LCV

The key element of cooling loop

The most important component of a coolant module is the cooling radiator. The radiator is the main heat exchanger located at the front of the engine, or if air conditioning is mounted, behind the condenser. It transfers the heat ejected by the engine to the ambient air through the coolant. The radiator is designed to resist vibrations, torsions, bear pressure pulsation from the engine and corrosion from environmental conditions or worn-out coolant.


Valeo O.E. Engine Cooling expertise in radiator Quality

Present in the Thermal market for more than 70 years, Valeo has a unique technical expertise and has strengthened its position as one of the leading engine cooling manufacturers worldwide. With its more than 13 Thermal Engineering Centers in the world Valeo is able to innovate and develop a more efficient and environmentally friendly high performance radiator solutions.

  • Valeo supplies car manufacturers worldwide with O.E. plants producing radiators in Europe, Asia and the Americas
  • Our key focus: reducing CO2 emissions through improved Engine Cooling Management
  • The Valeo radiators offer is one of the best worldwide and covers Asian (Japanease, Korean vehicules), Euroepan and American ranges. 
  • Synergy offer - Valeo offers a smart radiator range along with a complete range of Engine Cooling Products
  • Effective fitting and optimal functioning for your workshop
  • Valeo Aftermarket Radiators benefit from strong O.E. expertise in Thermal systems



Performance through innovation: VHP Radiators

Valeo’s VHP (Valeo High Performance) radiators are developed for internal combustion, engines, hybrid and electric vehicles. Its goal? Improve cooling performance and reduce energy consumption.

This innovative technology boasts an optimized performance versus weight ratio, offering car manufacturers ideal solutions for:

  • Thermal efficiency
  • Engine compactness

Valeo VHP radiators are already in mass production for various Audi, Seat, Skoda, and Volkswagen models (e.g. A3, S1, Golf IV, Leon, Octavia, Scirocco, Yeti)


Discover our selected Valeo radiators and many more in our catalogs…


Asian range

Valeo part Application for Year OES cross
701210 Honda Jazz 2008 19010-PWA-E01
735416 Mazda 2 2007 ZJ38-15-200A
735442 Toyota Hilux 2004 164000L250
735580 Suzuki Grand Vitara 2009 17700-66J10
735433 Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006 17700-66J00
734476 Honda CR-V 2002 19010-PNL-G01
734218 Honda Jazz 2002 19010-PWA-G01
735205 Nissan X-Trail 2007 21400-JG300


European range


Valeo part Application for Year OES cross
717103 BMW 5 series F10, F11, F18
BMW 7 series F01, F02, F03, F04
2010 17117603745
717142 BMW 5 series F10 2008 17117612954
732741 Mercedes C-Class (203) 2002 2035000503
732849 Mercedes E-Class, CLR 2004 2115003102
734276 BMW 1 series E87 2004 17 11 9 071 517
735298 Mercedes S-Class (221) 2009 2215003103
717071 Mercedes E-Class (W210) 1995 2105002803
731805 Mercedes C-Class (202) 1993 2025002203
734277 BMW 5 series E39 1998 17 11 1 436 060
701576 BMW series 325 2.8 2006 17 11 7 559 273

Thermal sales synergies: Intercoolers, Condensers, Fan Systems

When a car crashes, the radiator is often not the only part that needs replacing. Fortunately, Valeo offers a complete range of complementary products.

An expert on Thermal Systems, Valeo also intercoolers, condensers and fan systems that your workshop may require when replacing a radiator on a crashed car.

Check Valeo’s catalogue for more information on these products!



Note! Low Performance Radiators puts in risk your Engine and cooling components by having:

  • Engine thermal failures: Not enough cooling capacity or mechanical failure for high pressure resistance
  • Thermostat early failure (always activated): mechanical failure in opening-closing metals fatigue
  • Motor fan failure: Longer working fan function at every car stop (e. g. Red street light stop)

As a consequence there may be an impact of higher maintenance costs of low performance radiators.

The radiator shall be changed due to the crash, leakage, perforation. 

Valeo Tip

Proper radiator maintenance is crucial:

The amount of radiator fluid has to be checked and adjusted frequently to prevent the radiator from overheating and cracking.
The radiator cap is also key. It keeps the system clean and maintains correct pressure in the system.

To carry out the filling of the cooling loop effectively, Valeo proposes the FASTFILL® filling tool (Valeo part number: 698798) and Valeo Protectiv™ liquid coolant. Valeo Protectiv™ range protects your engine cooling loop against overheating, freezing and corrosion