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Cabin air filters

Valeo Cabin air filters Air Conditioning for Trucks

An important filter to protect your health 

A cabin air filter prevents external pollutants from entering the cabin via the ventilation system and inlets. 

Did you know ? that the level of pollution inside the vehicle cabin may be up to 5 times higher than the air outside the vehicle. The pollutants inside the cabin affects the health and well – being of it occupants and may provoke the respiratory issues, asthma, allergies, headaches, lung and heart illnesses, cancers…

Almost every day.. long hours in the vehicle… the professional bus and coach drivers are very much exposed to the in- cabin air quality problematic


Valeo solution for your well - being 

Valeo priority is to maintain your and your customers well- being in the car by proposing various solutions of protection within it’s cabin air filter range -ClimFilter™ :

  • particle filter which protects occupants from dust, pollution and particles. This is the first technology developed for cabin filtration. The media of this filter is white in colour.
  • combined filter with active carbon, retains the particles and also provides additional protection against harmful gases and unpleasant odors due to the integrated active carbon. Valeo recommends it for urban zones, traffic, highly polluted areas and frequent use - time spent in the vehicle. Valeo uses the best performing active carbon in its filters to assure the high quality level of this product.The colour of carbon of these filters is grey.


A solution for your AC performance and visibility 

Cabin Air filter plays an important role not only in protection against pollutants susceptible to impact human health, it has as well a vital role in assuring the whole AC system functioning and visibility

  • Prevents the contamination of the heating and ensures the optimum functioning of air-conditioning system
  • Prevents the soiling of the windows’  inside surfaces and ensures a clear visibility


Change every 6 months 

Cabin air filter gradually clogs up and should be changed regularly. In the highly polluted areas and professional frequent vehicle use Valeo recommends to change the cabin air filter every 6 months. 



Discover our selected cabin air filters with technology combined with active carbon:


Valeo partApplication forOES cross
716012MERCEDES TRUCKS Actros (09/96 > 08/11) Zetros (05/09 - > ) 0008301318
716037MAN TRUCKS TG-A, TG-L, TG-M (03/00  > )  TGS, TGX  (10/07  > ) 81619100019
716053VOLVO TRUCKS F12 (10/91-12/94),F16 (10/87-12/94),FH (09/05 > ),FH12 (08/93 > 12/05),FH16-Serie (08/93 > ),FM10-Serie (08/98 > ),FM12-Serie (11/01 > ),FM7-Serie (08/98 > 02/02),FM9-Serie,(11/01 > ),FM-Serie (09/05 > )20409908
716013MERCEDES TRUCKS Actros (A/C A+) 09/960008301518
716015MERCEDES TRUCKS Atego I & II (01/98 - 09/04) Atego III (05/13  > ) 9738350347
716020MERCEDES TRUCKS Axor / Econic (957)A9408350147
716023MERCEDES TRUCKS Sprinter I9018300018
698872MERCEDES TRUCKS Viano (NCV2), Vito  II (W639)6398350247
716065MERCEDES TRUCKS Actros II  (09/11  > ), Antos (09/12 > ),Arcos (04/13 > ) 9608300118
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