Durable cooling performance 

Evaporator is an important element of air conditioning functioning - it cools down the temperature and helps in dehumidifying. The choice of good quality evaporator, especially for Trucks will be fundamental in the humid weather environment - so characteristic for ASEAN countries. 

Therefore Valeo brings its long proven experience in Thermal Systems to provide you the durable and reliable evaporators:

  • Valeo evaporators are manufactured with the high quality components ensuring enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Strong Valeo O.E. expertise in manufacturing process enabling perfect fit and compatibility with other parts from AC loop 
  • Rigorous tests according to Valeo processes, both of components and finished evaporators 

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Valeo part Application for OES cross Traffic
815103 ISUZU N-Series 800136 RHD
815097 ISUZU IS02B 34200J550
815104 MITSUBISHI Fuso 800137 RHD
815119 ISUZU F-Series 34200J5400 RHD
815150 ISUZU 800139 RHD

The evaporator must be replaced if it is clogged, pierced or contaminated with persistent mould. When replacing the evaporator, always replace the receiver drier and the expansion valve or orifice tube.

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