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Water pumps

Valeo Water pumps Cooling and air management for LCV

Crucial role in good functioning of vehicle's engine

The water pump is a centrifugal pump. It maintains the engine’s temperature below the overheating temperature. When the engine is running, the pump forces the coolant flow. A belt connects the crankshaft of the engine water pump to supply the pump engagement. The water pump is located in front of the engine and is driven by the timing belt or accessory belt. Water pump is crucial to the good functioning of the vehicle’s engine.




Pump it up with Valeo! The right choice for a consistent performance and long pump life

O.E. worldwide specialist in Engine Cooling Systems, Valeo water pumps benefit from deep strong know-how.

  • Premium design according to the O.E specifications: the turbine is engineered for maximum coolant flow and the best hydraulic performance and the pulley to prevent noise and excessive wearing of timing belt.
  • All in one:  All gaskets and hardware are packaged in the box, for a quick and easy installation in the workshop.


For an optimum cooling system efficiency, Valeo water pumps feature:

  • Specific components: from the metal body to the cover, all components are carefully selected to meet the international quality standards (DIN*, ASTM**).
  • High-quality specific bearing grease to reduce noise and allow better resistance to extreme thermal operating conditions
  • Controlled aluminum alloy and casting process to avoid pitting of the liquid coolant and avoid material porosity
  • Presence of vapour hole to evacuate the excess vapour pressure
  • All the gaskets are high-quality compounds with accurate dimensions and perfect finishing, providing perfect sealing between the water pump and the engine interface and a long functional life for the water pumps.


Discover our selected Valeo water pumps…


Valeo partApplication forYearOES crossTraffic
506107BMW 3 SERIES199011511752799RHD / LHD
506914BMW MINI (2006>) 1.4 i 16V200611517551484RHD / LHD
506109BMW 3 SERIES198911510393338RHD / LHD
506306MERCEDES C-CLASS19941112004001RHD / LHD
506787MERCEDES E-CLASS19921122000123RHD / LHD
506865MERCEDES C-CLASS(W203) E-CLASS 18020022712001001RHD / LHD
506639MERCEDES 190 (W201) E 2.0 (201.024)19871022006201RHD / LHD
506918PEUGEOT 307/C4 2.0i16v19981201F7RHD / LHD
506532AUDI A3199606A121011LVRHD / LHD
506876AUDI A3 (2003>) 2.0 TFSi 16V200406F121011RHD / LHD



It is often necessary to replace the water pump: when it is damaged, when operating a preventive servicing or when changing the timing belt.

Valeo Tip

Before fitting a new water pump, do not forget to:

  • Thoroughly flush the cooling system with tap water, including the radiator and hoses, to remove all traces of dirt: flushing products are full of acid and other additives, which can cause premature failure of the water pump.
  • Carry out the filling of the cooling loop effectively, use a filling tool such as FASTFILL®.This should be carried out after replacing the water pump and having checked the belt tension.
  • Check (and replace if necessary) all the other components that could affect the water pumps performance like the belt tensioner or the fan clutch. Replace the gasket (if required) and the coolant fluid.
  • It is recommended to change the belt, ensuring it is set at the right tension, when replacing the water pump. Excessive belt tension can affect the bearing and cause premature failure of the water pump.
  • Use Valeo Protectiv® liquid coolants


* DIN "Deutsches Institut für Normung" German Institute for Standardisation
**American Society for Testing and Materials