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Water temperature sensors

Valeo Water temperature sensors Cooling and air management for LCV

Senses the temperature of coolant

The water temperature sensor enables the control unit to identify engine overheating or an unusual rise in temperature. It measures the coolant temperature & sends information to the ECU.

Depending on the car manufacturers, it is usually installed next to the thermostat or inside it. There are two temperature sensors in some vehicles, one to send information from the engine system to the control unit and another from the control unit to the dashboard. The device follows the principle of dependence of potential difference in temperature. As the temperature of the engine changes, the potential difference output of the device also changes, and this can be measured by the engine's control unit.


Valeo solution protects in extreme temperature conditions

Valeo water temperature sensor range protect your engine and heat exchangers in extreme temperature conditions. Choose Valeo water temperature sensors offer for its know-how of a worldwide key player in Thermal systems.

An expert on Cooling Systems, Valeo offers a complete cooling systems selection with its thermostats, thermoswitches and water temperature sensors.




Possible symptoms of a damaged temperature sensor:

  • increased vehicle’s fuel consumption
  • vehicle ejects black smoke
  • engine is overheating frequently

These are possible indicators that the coolant temperature sensor in the vehicle is defective and needs to be replaced.

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